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Copyright©2018 theLASTree  by Laurencio Carlos Ruiz All Rights Reserved.

Toy Theatre

theLASTree is a forty-five-minute family-friendly puppet show featuring seven vignettes with two main characters which are pre-recorded voices off. One is Mother Nature, the storyteller, who asks for help as she explains why she is afraid of the human-caused climate crisis: the consequences of deforestation, pollution and plastic waste, and the suffering of her ecosystems. In the end, she encourages the audience to engage in three fundamental sustainable practices: reduce, reuse, and recycle to protect the air, water, land, and all living creatures. The other character, the Last Tree, is an ancient tree, fed up with humans but who refuses to die. This production requires six stage crew members and twelve puppeteers to manipulate twenty-seven puppets, (one is a twenty-six-foot-long whale); one-hundred and forty-two cars and six soft set pieces on a large proscenium stage.

theLASTree Toy

Copyright©2020 theLASTree Toy Theatre by Laurencio Carlos Ruiz All Rights Reserved. 

theLASTree Toy theater is a miniature recreation of the full-size show featuring the seven vignettes with two main characters, Mother Nature, the storyteller and The Last Tree which are pre-recorded voices off. This format is a self-contained and portable (6’x4’x6’) proscenium stage. Performed by a solo-puppeteer hidden from view under the proscenium’s floor who manipulates all twenty-six rod puppets and controls all seven scene changes, props, sound, and lighting. Also, made of recycle and scrap materials and supplies from the original and from previous theater productions.



Copyright©2018 theLASTree

Copyright©2020 theLASTree Toy

by Laurencio Carlos Ruiz All Rights Reserved

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